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Tracked remote control Lawn mower 550mm 9.0hp


Product: Tracked remote control Lawn mower

Working Slope: ≤45°

Mowing Width: 550mm

Cutting Height: 20-180mm

Travel Speed: 0-3km/h

Petrol Engine: Loncin brand 9.0hp 224cc

Starting System: electric start

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Tracked Remote control lawn mower for sale

The 550 series Tracked Remote control lawn mower  is a high-quality all-terrain remote controlled slope mower at a competitive price.

Tracked Remote control slope mowers are suitable for removing a variety of weeds. In particular, mowing work on dangerous steep slopes can be completed with simple operation.
The 550 series Tracked Remote control lawn mower  is suitable for greening, orchards, hills, slopes, side roads, embankments and other operations.

Precautions for use

– Please start the device in the correct order. Incorrect boot sequence may damage the device.
– When operating the remote control, please push it forward and then operate it slowly backward to avoid damaging the device by accelerating too quickly.
– If you are operating it for the first time, please operate it at low speed and place it on a level surface until you are accustomed to the operation.
– When moving the device, please check whether there are people or animals around you and pay attention to safety.
– Before inspecting, repairing, adjusting, cleaning or refueling, turn off the engine and main power switch, and do it on a flat place.
– Before mowing, inspect the entire work area and remove any bouncing objects such as rocks, glasses, and empty cans.
– The device may slip when driving on a slope, so be careful not to stand directly under or near the device.
– Do not touch the engine, muffler, etc. during operation or immediately after stopping as they will become very hot
– Do not touch the device while the blade is rotating, otherwise your hands, feet or clothing may get caught in the rotating part and get injured.
– Do not use in the rain.
– Do not let the device and remote control get wet. Using it when it rains may cause malfunction.
– Do not use bent, deformed or damaged blades.
– To prevent accidents caused by scattered objects, please wear protective clothing, protective glasses, protective hats, gloves, non-slip safety shoes, etc.
– When storing, please turn off all power switches of the device, remove the battery from the remote control and remove any soil and dirt attached to the device.
– Always follow warnings and precautions on the label.

R550-9.0hp Tracked RC Lawn mower  parameters

  • Start Method: Electric
  • Engine Brand: LONCIN 224CC Vertical axis four stroke
  • Rated Power: 9.0HP
  • Cutting Width: 550mm
  • Cutting Height: 20-180mm
  • Blade Height Adjustment: 10-180mm
  • Walking Speed: 0-3Km/h
  • Max Working slope: 45°
  • Charging method: Self-charging system
  • Operation Method: Remote control walking, remote
  • Way Of Walking: Electric crawler self-propelled
  • N.W/G.W: 143Kg/185Kg
  • Dimensions: 930*860*580mm
  • Package Size: 1060*960*810mm

Our robot remote control lawn mowers with tracks are CE certified and equipped with gasoline engines that meet both Euro V non-road and EPA emission standards

R550-9.0hp tracked rc lawn mower, how much area can it mow in one hour?

R550 series remote control lawn mower mows 0.3 acres (1200 square meters) in one hour.

Weight 168 kg
Dimensions 93 × 86 × 58 cm


Cutting width



Loncin 224cc 9.0HP

Start method

Electric start


Economy Edition, Standard Edition

Snow blade

With Snow blade, Without Snow blade

HS Code


Quality Assurance

CE (2006/42/EC), EPA Emission Certifcate, Euro V Emission Certifcate

Delivery Service

Ship to your home address, Ship to your port


The product is continuously being improved, and the actual product appearance and accessories may be different.


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