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How to fix an electric lawnmower that won’t work

How to fix an electric robot lawnmower that won’t work

We will repair remote control lawn mowers with tracks and manufacture remote control lawn mowers. We will supply you with  accessories and service.

Problems with power supply

Check first if there is electricity in the socket and that the cord is properly connected and free of damage, ageing, or poor contacts.

Check that the remote control lawn mower plug is firmly inserted in the socket if there is no power problem.

Blade stuck

Use the appropriate tools to remove any debris from the blades.

Drive belt damaged

To inspect the drive belt, it is necessary to disassemble the machine. The drive belt should be checked for damage and replaced if necessary.

Motor malfunction

In the event that none of these methods work, a professional technician may be needed to inspect and repair your motor. Contact our Robotlawnsmower After-Sales Service Engineer and we’ll provide you with the accessories and services.

Battery power is low (applicable only to battery-powered lawn mowers).

Check to see if you need to replace the battery or charge it.

Switch malfunction

Check that the switch works properly. It is necessary to replace the switch if it does not work properly.

Switch malfunction

Cleaning the motor and radiator, as well cleaning the blades and blade holders, is important to maintaining the normal functioning of your lawn mower.

Choose the most appropriate method of troubleshooting or repair according to the current situation. It is advised to call a professional technician for further inspection or repair if the problem cannot be resolved.

Robotlawnsmower was founded in 2004 in Jining City in Shandong Province in China. They specialize in the design and manufacture of remote control lawnmowers, remote control snowblowers, and rubber track mini excavators.

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