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Remote control 4wd lawn mower 550mm 7.0hp


Discover effortless lawn care with our Remote Control 4WD Lawn Mower. Achieve precision results on any terrain with advanced technology.

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Introduce the Future of Lawn Maintenance with Remote Control 4WD Lawn Mower

Tired of battling with a cumbersome mower that is difficult to maneuver on slopes or rough terrain during the weekend? With our revolutionary Remote Control 4WD Mower, you can say goodbye to manual labor.

With the push of a button, you can easily guide your mower across your yard, adjusting speed, direction, and cutting height with ease. With the simple push of a few buttons, you can easily steer your mower around your yard. Speed, direction and cutting height are all adjusted with ease. Equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, this remote control lawn mower powers its blades for efficient cutting, ensuring your lawn looks pristine with minimal effort.

Our mower’s 4WD capabilities are what really set it apart. Our mower has four-wheel drive, unlike other mowers which rely on two-wheel drive. It provides unparalleled stability and traction on any terrain, thanks to its specially designed wheels that ensure maneuverability and safety on slopes and wet grass. No matter if you’re dealing with steep slopes, muddy grass or rough patches, this mower is able to deliver consistently good results.

But the benefits do not stop there. Our mower’s cutting system features sharp, wear-resistant blades that ensure rapid, clean cuts every time. The surfing mower deck protects the blades and turf from damage, allowing for a consistent cut across uneven terrain. Our Remote Control System gives you complete control of your mowing. Sit back and relax as our mower, a machine designed for advanced safety features and efficient mowing work, does all the work. You can also rest assured that with the advanced safety features of this mower, such as automatic shut-off and obstacle detection, it will operate in a safe and efficient manner.

Remote Control 4WD Mower – Experience the future in lawn maintenance. You can enjoy a well-manicured lawn with minimal effort. Bid adieu to manual work and welcome the ultimate in performance and convenience with this remote controlled lawn mower. Watch a video showcasing the mower in action and see for yourself how it transforms lawn maintenance.

   R550-7.0hp Remote control 4wd lawn mower parameters

  • Start Method: Electric/Pull
  • Engine Brand:Kohler 7.0hp Vertical axis four stroke
  • Rated Power: 7.0HP
  • Cutting Width: 550mm
  • Cutting Height: 30-200mm/50-70mm
  • Blade Height Adjustment: 30-200mm/50-70mm
  • Walking Speed: 0-4.7Km/h
  • Max Working slope: 45°
  • Charging method: Self-charging system
  • Operation Method: Remote control walking, remote
  • Way Of Walking: Electric wheels self-propelled
  • N.W/G.W: 127Kg/163Kg,102kg/115kg
  • Dimensions:930*860*580mm
  • Package Size: 980*980*730mm

Our Remote control 4wd lawn mower are CE certified and equipped with gasoline engines that meet both Euro V non-road and EPA emission standards

R550-7.0hp Remote control 4wd lawn mower , how much area can it mow in one hour?

R550 series tracked remote control lawn mower mows 0.3 acres (1200 square meters) in one hour.




Economy Edition, Standard Edition


Yamaha 190cc 7.0HP

Start method

Electric start, Pull Start

Cutting width


Deck lifting

NO deck lifting, Remote Deck lifting


Excludes enclosure and deck lift,pull start

Delivery Service

Ship to your home address, Ship to your port

HS Code


Quality Assurance

CE (2006/42/EC), EPA Emission Certifcate, Euro V Emission Certifcate


The product is continuously being improved, and the actual product appearance and accessories may be different.


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