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How about a remotely controlled lawnmower?

Remote Control Lawn Mower Overview

Mowers are well known to everyone. RC lawnmowers help complete lawn mowing and are very popular because of their efficiency, safety and ease.

Intelligent lawnmowers save money and time by using less manpower. They are also safer and more efficient.

Early lawn mowers could cut grass, but they were not able to do other things like recognize paths or set routes.

RC lawnmowers – Features

Easy to Use

remote tracked lawn mower
remote tracked lawn mower

The intelligence of the system is to minimize manual intervention. The remotely controlled lawnmower has two operating methods: auto-recognition of the working area boundaries and manual input.

In a simple workplace, intelligent lawnmowers are capable of autonomously judging work paths and areas, thus reducing manual operations. For more complex grasslands the lawnmower can accelerate the rate of boundary detection by manually entering trajectories.

Realize comprehensive tasks without repetition and omission.

Efficient And Fast

The only way to operate traditional lawnmowers is by using one person and one machine. This has a low level of efficiency, and causes wasteful human resource usage. Due to their large size, they are difficult to move around, and transporting them can be a time-consuming process.

Traditional lawn mowers, which use internal combustion engines for power, suffer from high thermal losses. Their energy consumption efficiency is also not optimal.

The remotely controlled lawn mower runs on energy-saving and environmental friendly batteries, which reduce heat loss while improving resource usage.

RC lawnmowers are also capable of automated operation. They can track automatically and lock work boundaries. These features reduce labor costs.

The work efficiency of machines is far higher than manual labor.

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