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Pre-shipment testing was performed on the R800 Remote Controlled Slope Mower that we shipped to Bulgaria

The R800 remote controlled slope mower is ideal for mowing slopes, hillsides, orchards, side roads, and embankments.

R800 Remote controlled Mower with tracks ,This is a remote-controlled slope lawnmower of high quality and competitive price. This product can be used to remove all types of weeds. It can mow the grass in dangerous slopes with ease.

tracked remote mower
tracked remote mower


This equipment was purchased by a customer from Bulgaria. We are the original remote controlled lawn mower manufacturers. Customers in the United States have always preferred us.

This equipment has been upgraded. The dual 24V40A “Chaowei”, reinforced batteries make the battery life longer. It uses a spiral blade made of boron, which is better suited to mowing in high-density, strong environments.

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