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Germany customer orders tracked Remote Control Lawn Mowers

Germany customer orders tracked Remote Control Lawn Mowers

Yesterday, a Germany customer ordered from us three  units of remote controlled lawnmowers to be used in his farm.

This lawnmower features Rato brand engine, which is of higher quality and meets product standards.

tracked rc lawn mower
tracked rc lawn mower

The majority of products available on the market have a simple line built in. Our electric remote controls are equipped with circuit boards that are professional and safe, allowing us to eliminate the safety hazards caused by line clutter.

This equipment is capable to mowing at a rate of 5km/hr with a mowing incline of 35-40deg. It also has the ability to operate in continuous mode.

The remotely controlled lawn mower adopts an unique and more attractive design. Its frame is constructed of a steel pipe that is less likely to rust.

The remote control that is started by a simple joystick is susceptible to operation confusion, resulting in burnouts of the product’s circuit. In contrast, the area of functionality of the remote controlled activated by a button is increasingly clear and easy to understand.

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