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Why the remote lawnmower cannot use too much oil?

Why the remote lawnmower cannot use too much oil?

remote mower lubricates the various parts in the cylinder of the machine through the oil splash wheel. The oil is continuously splashed to cool, clean and lubricate the various parts. The engine oil will not be able to splash and lubricate the machine if too much oil is used.

The device should never be topped up with excessive oil.

Engine oil maintenance is important

Use the device only after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

remote control lawn mower
remote control lawn mower

remote control lawn mower should check to see if the oil level is between the upper- and lower-marks on the dipstick.

After 5 hours, the oil should be changed. Then after another 10 hours. The oil should be changed regularly in the future according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The oil should be changed when the engine has warmed up. Don’t add too much oil, or you will have large black smokes, lack of power (excessive deposits of carbon in the cylinder and small gaps between spark plugs), overheating engine, etc. Adding too little oil will cause the engine to make loud noises, damage the piston ring, cylinder barrel, and accelerate wear. It can even cause lagging, which will lead to serious engine damage.

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