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RC slope Mowers Create Niche Revenue for USA-based Mowing Services

Robert Shields is a landscaper who has cut his own path since he was in middle school. He has used every kind of mower, from the most expensive to the simplest. Robert is an expert in grass cutting. He has worked on everything from the meticulously manicured precision of country clubs to the flexible parks and recreation work. Robert then traveled to the west coast, and even further to the Hawaiian island Kauai.
As owner and operator of Mowing lines Mowing Services, Robert works in the tropical hills of Kauai cutting the hard-to-reach, difficult-to-deal-with terrain of the island’s property owners. His Robotlawnsmower is a remote-operated robotic lawn mower that allows him to do this quickly, safely and efficiently. The business he has named “Mowing lines,” is a specific reference to his RC zero turn Mowers, which he claims, “cut a route through everything.

rc slope lawnm mower
rc slope lawnm mower

Kauai is known for its “anything”, which in many cases refers to Guinea. It’s also known as White Buffalo Grass. This is a fibrous, invasive cattle grass which can reach 7 feet in height and a diameter of up to half an inches. Robert’s Remote Operated Robotic Mower, however, can cut up to 1.5″ of material and can even climb up to a 50% incline in the winter wet hills of Paradise.

“This machine does a job in 50 minutes that would have taken me 9-12 hrs with a weed wacker.” Robert Shields of Mowing lines Mowing Services

In 25 minutes, I can complete a task that took me 9-12 hours to do with a weed wacker. Dare you write that, because it certainly sounds like B.S. But it is true,” said Shields. We’ll write it down, because it’s the second time we’ve heard these ratios.

Robert discovered RC Mowers initially at a demonstration held in Pennsylvania. Robert continues: “I bought this mower in 10 minutes. It was designed for the island.” It transformed my business by replacing my heavy, bulky boom and towed cutters. I put a couple videos on Facebook Marketplace. The phone started to ring. It’s an awesome machine, and people stop me all the time to ask questions about it.

Robert Shields hasn’t lost the spirit he had as a middle-schooler cutting grass in Philly. But now that he is 37, RC Mowers can be appreciated for another reason. “It has done wonders for my back. I don’t spend all day banging a lawnmower or balancing up hills while a string trimmer is whizzing. I don’t limp home at the end of the day.
Brush cutter

We are pleased that Robert and Mowing lines Mowing Services will be representing us on the island of Hawaii. Robert’s final comment: “I couldn’t have been happier” will be our last words. I’m already thinking of how I can obtain another.

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