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We manufacture remote controlled lawn mower

Remote controlled lawn mower

We manufacture Autonomous Mowing Robots (also known as Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers) that are designed to solve business challenges, increase profitability, and create growth opportunities for landscape contractors, public works departments and other departments.
Our American-made robotic lawn mowers eliminate the need for manual labor, improve profitability, provide safer working conditions and allow for niche revenue.
Our robotic lawn mowers are all designed and built in China. We offer a 30-day return guarantee as well as a warranty that includes free replacement parts. We are changing the way mowing is done.

Introducing RT Series – our updated and enhanced Remote Operated Robotic Mowers. RC Mowers strives to improve and raise the bar of excellence. These machines have been designed to handle steep slopes, extreme terrains and more. Although their performance is impressive, what they can provide for your business will be game-changing.

Safer, faster, more profitable
NEW Rt Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers,Zero Turn Remote Controlled Lawn Mower with Tracks

rc slope lawnm mower
rc slope lawnm mower

Built to Extreme Landscapes

RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robots address the most pressing issues in the landscape industry, such as labor availability and mowing profits. Our robotic mowing systems allow contractors to cut their mowing costs by up to 2/3 – one person can do the job of three.
From the comfort of your chair, mow any slopes in your yard!
The Powerful Performance of the Mower for Uneven Terrains & Slopes!
You can mow slopes effectively and with precision!
Enjoy Lawn Maintenance Made Simple
Slope Lawn Mowers with Excellent Quality and Design
All of our Remote Control Slope Lawn Mowers have a 12 month warranty.

The best slope mower for yourPerfect lawn
Take advantage of a 200m Control range
You can easily adjust the chassis height for optimal slope mowing
Swift Rotary Cut at Adjustable Heights 20150mm
The product is suitable for all types of terrains and slopes. It’s also perfect for large yards.
Slope Lawn Mowers are a great way to tackle hills and different terrains.

We are the pioneers in remote-controlled slope lawnmowers.
Building Quality and Design
This mower is designed to meet the challenges of slope mowing and tough terrain.
You can redefine your large yard
Take on any size yard without leaving your seat.
Unleash High Horsepower
Slope Mowing is the key to conquering your lawn with unmatched cutting performance!
Slopes are no problem for you
Slope Lawn Mowers: Take on challenging slopes with confidence and achieve

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