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How does a remote-controlled 24V lawnmower cut grass?

The equipment can be controlled remotely. The gasoline engine drives the actuator to turn the cutter at high speeds to perform the mowing function. The actuator’s middle belt allows the lawn mower, when it is not mowing, to walk on its own.

Different working environments have different demands for mowing height. The height adjustment device allows for different mowing widths. The mowing height can be changed from 20mm up to 150mm. The walking motor of the mobile lawnmower is controlled remotely to move the mower forward.

rc lawn mowers
rc lawn mowers

Lawn mowers require different speeds of travel because they walk on flat terrain and work on grass with different densities. By adjusting the meshing between different gears, you can achieve different traveling speeds for the lawn mower. The lawn mower is controlled remotely based on my needs and the requirements of the site. The lawn mower’s frame is made of a welded steel frame.

We found out that the price of remote control lawnmowers in Europe and America is very high. We began to design and produce RC lawn mowers. We began selling our first Rc mower in the spring of 2020. is a rubber-track slope mower. It is equipped with a gasoline engine, a 24 Ah battery, and 1.2 Kw electric motor.

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