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Maintenance of remote controlled lawn mower

Maintenance of remote controlled lawn mower

Remote controlled lawn mower have gasoline engines. During operation, poor maintenance may cause the equipment to be damaged. Here we have summarized a few reasons.

Fuel for gasoline engines (above 92#), oil for engines sae30. It is necessary to run the new machine at maximum speed for 2 hours before using it normally. During normal usage, engine oil should only be changed every 30 hours.

Check the engine oil before and after use. The crankshaft can’t exceed 90 degrees when an air-cooled gas engine is continuously used.

It can still work after 15-20 minutes of stopping if the engine overheats. Gasoline must only be added when the engine is cool. Avoid using the maximum throttle when you are not mowing for long periods.

Gasoline engine speeds are not allowed to exceed a certain limit. The gasoline and engine oil both must be new and pure, of the correct kind and type. Check and replace the air filter element regularly.

Use soapy water to clean and dry the filter element before using. After 10 hours of running the gasoline engine, it is recommended that carbon deposits are removed.

When cleaning the cylinders, remove the cylinder heads and clean the carbon deposits that are attached to the cylinders, pistons, valves, etc. Carbon deposits cannot enter the cylinder bore or valve seat. Keep your gasoline engine clean. This includes the cylinder cooling system. If you are refueling your vehicle, performing maintenance or repairs, be sure to remove the sparkplug cap. Avoid bright lights and do not smoke.

remote control lawn mower
remote control lawn mower

What is Robotlawnsmower? A remote-controlled lawn mower

Robotlawnsmower, founded in 2004, is located in Jining City and Shandong Province in China. Robotlawnsmowe specializes design and manufacture remote controlled lawn mower, remote control Snow Blower and rubber track mini-excavator.

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