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Why is it that the remote lawnmower cannot be started in the spring?

Why is it that the remote lawnmower cannot be started in the spring?

In winter, outdoor power like remote mower is usually stored without use. When the machine is stored, it can fail to start in the spring if the maintenance is poor.

Robotlawnsmower slope lawnmower

It is because the oil in the gasifier and mailbox is not completely burned during winter maintenance and cannot be used. The oil will also cause sediment to accumulate in the oil hole when the gasoline is vaporized.

remote mower
remote mower

This can lead to a machine not starting or running smoothly. The remote control lawn mower must therefore be maintained prior to storage, before it’s stopped in winter. That is, fuel must be emptied from the mailbox and fuel must be burnt in the vaporizer. Open the spark plug, drip 2-3 drops into the cylinder and pull the starter twice.

It is best to consult a professional in the event of a malfunction. The blue smoke is caused by the combustion of organic oil. Check the oil dipstick to determine if there is excessive oil after the fault has been found. Drain the excess oil if it is too much and continue to run for 10 more minutes. It is advised to contact Robotlawnsmower after-sales engineers if the problem is not resolved.

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