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5 Top Remote-Controlled Slope Mowers

robot remote control lawn mower
robot remote control lawn mower

If you own a property with steep slopes, you are already aware that attempting to mow it with a riding mower, push mower, or weed eater can be very dangerous and tiring. It can be a strenuous task and quite challenging. In such cases, it is advisable to make use of the latest technology available in the lawn care industry.

One might initially think of a robot mower when considering solutions, but they often have limitations when it comes to handling slopes, rough terrain, and tall grass. Therefore, the better option would be to opt for a remote-controlled slope mower.

Many remote-control mowers are specially crafted to handle hills and slopes. To select the most suitable model for your requirements, it is important to carefully consider aspects such as wheel design, fuel type, and pricing. Here is a detailed guide on remote control slope mowers, including the top models in the market.

What exactly is a remote control slope mower? Similar to a remote control car from your childhood, these mowers are operated using radio waves. Operating a remote control makes the mowing process much simpler and significantly enhances safety, especially on sloping terrains.

There are primarily two types of remote-control mowers available: rubber track slope mowers and wheel mowers. Rubber track slope mowers can navigate slopes due to their rubber traction, making them suitable for various terrains. They can work on hillsides, steep slopes, wetlands, marshes, embankments, and roads. On the other hand, wheel lawnmowers are better suited for quick mowing on flat surfaces or gentle slopes. Therefore, if you need to deal with a slope, rubber track slope mowers are the way to go.

A remote control slope mower can efficiently mow rough terrains that would be nearly impossible to manage with a regular riding mower. However, these mowers come with a high price tag, even for professionals. You can purchase these specialized mowers online or inquire at your local lawn care store about their availability. Some popular brands include Spider, Rclawnmowers, Evatech,RC mowers, and robotlawnmowers .

How to Determine the Maximum Slope in Your Yard Before you start looking for a slope mower, it is important to figure out the degree of slope you are dealing with. This can be achieved by using a few stakes, a measuring tape, and a piece of string.

The gradient of a slope is calculated by comparing the vertical height to the horizontal distance. By dividing the vertical rise by the horizontal distance and converting it into a percentage, you can determine the slope gradient. For instance, a height variation of 10ft over 100ft would result in a gradient of 10 ÷ 100, which equals 10%. Although measuring slope angles accurately can be tricky, having approximate numbers should guide you in selecting a suitable slope mower.

The Finest Remote Control Slope Mowers These robust machines are capable of handling steep inclines and cutting through thick vegetation without needing extra help. They are also able to access tight or hazardous areas that might be too risky for manual mowing. Here are some of the top remote control slope mowers available.

Spider ILD02

Spider ILD02 slope mowers, controlled remotely, offer exceptional maneuverability and safety features for swift and secure operation on slopes of any kind. Lighter, more compact, and agile than its counterparts, the Spider ILD02 is effortless to load and use in tight spaces. Equipped with a blade brake system that halts blade rotation upon the operator’s hand release, it boasts a low center of gravity, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and an easily adjustable cutting deck. Safety elements such as an emergency stop switch, safety seat, and roll bar are included. Designed as a versatile machinery capable of handling even the toughest terrains, the Spider ILD02 proves to be an ideal option for both residential and commercial slope mowing tasks.

Cutting Width: 48.5 inches

Slope Capacity: Up to 55 degrees

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: Just over 300 feet

Price: $39,000

 Tracked Robotlawnsmower Tank800

The Robotlawnmowers Tank 800 is a remote-controlled slope mower ideal for mowing extensive areas. Unlike most mowers designed only for grass cutting, this powerful mower can tackle trees up to 6 inches in diameter, and is versatile for leaf mulching, snow removal, and planting tasks. Equipped with rollover prevention and fall arrest features, as well as modern safety standards, a large fuel tank, and extended working time for prolonged mowing sessions before recharging, the Tank 800 ensures efficiency. With a top speed of 10 mph, its compact size and light weight distribution enable it to maneuver easily through narrow passages. It delivers a neat and consistent finish even on steep slopes, making it a great choice for organizations managing vast areas of land. While the price may be high, the Tank 800 proves to be a worthwhile investment due to its effectiveness in slope maintenance, reducing labor costs and minimizing risks associated with manual labor on rugged terrain.

Cutting Width: 800mm

Slope Capacity: Up to 55°

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Remote Range: 500 ft

Cost: $5000

TK-52XP from RC Mowers

RC Mowers offers top-notch remote-control slope mowers crafted for safe and efficient mowing on steep terrains. Their bestseller, the TK-52XP, is expertly designed to handle challenging landscapes like hillsides, wetlands, and landfill slopes. It conveniently fits on a standard landscape trailer and can cut through 1.5-inch diameter brush, covering 2.2 acres per hour at a speed of up to 4.5mph. Equipped with advanced safety features, it ensures operator safety and control. The TK-52XP comes with a two-year warranty (up to 400 hours of mow time) and stands out as one of the few American-made remote-control slope mowers available in the market.

Cutting Width: 52-inches.

Slope Capacity: Up to 50°.

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline.

Remote Range: 1000 ft.

Cost: $63,000.

Evatech TREX

The Evatech TREX is a remarkable robotic lawn mower that is remote-controlled, developed, and produced in the United States. This model, known as TREX, is characterized by its user-friendliness, reliability, simplicity, and robustness. It boasts a wide range of remote control capabilities such as starting, stopping, motion control, and blade deployment, making it perfect for working on hazardous, steep terrains. Additionally, it showcases Evatech’s unique propulsion technology and operates on a hybrid power system with a durable battery life. The TREX’s robustness and resilience allow it to handle challenging terrains while also being adaptable for snow removal and agricultural purposes. It stands out as one of the most reliable and powerful remote-controlled lawnmowers on the market, offering exceptional value for its cost.

Cutting Width: 36 inches

Slope Capacity: 40-50 degrees

Power Type: Hybrid Electric

Price: $30,000

R550- L224 Crawler

While rclawnmowers have been extensively utilized across Europe for the past ten years, the rclawnmowers R550-L224 has recently made its way to the US and is a superb option for a slope mower. This mower, which is remote-controlled and flexible, can manage slopes of up to 44 degrees, making it perfect for challenging landscapes. Featuring a robust frame, adjustable track width, and a powerful engine, the rclawnmowers R550-L224 can efficiently cut through tough grass and small brush. Its remote control technology allows for precise navigation, ensuring that the mower accurately follows the terrain’s contours. Furthermore, its heavy-duty tracks enable it to operate in harsh conditions such as mud. With its German engineering, high construction quality, powerful engine, and precise remote control, this mower is attractive to professional landscapers, large property owners, and municipalities looking to maintain and mow rugged terrain.

Cutting Width: 550mm

Slope Capacity: Up to 45°

Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline

Remote Range: 900 ft

Cost: $1700

Buying a Remote Control Slope Mower

When you decide to invest in a Remote Control Slope Mower, you are choosing a heavy-duty machine that ensures hilly landscapes are well-maintained and safe. It’s common to be taken aback by the price, especially if you are not used to it. Nevertheless, for those who regularly maintain steep slopes professionally, purchasing a remote control slope mower is a wise and worthwhile investment.

If you are in need of a slope mower, it is essential to consult with an expert before committing to such a significant purchase. Simply complete this form, and we will promptly reach out to assist you in making the best decision.

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