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How to fix a lawn mower that isn’t working?

How to fix a lawn mower that isn’t working?

The following are possible reasons for an electric mower not rotating. You will receive accessories and services.

Issues with the power supply

First, make sure that there is power in the power socket. Also, ensure the power cord has not been damaged, aged, or made with poor contact.

It may be necessary, if you are sure that there is nothing wrong with the power supply to make sure the power plug has been inserted securely into the socket.

Blade stuck

Invert the lawnmower, turn off the power and use the right tools to remove any debris, like grass residue or mud, from the blades.

Drive belt damage

Disassemble the machine to inspect its drive belt. It is necessary to replace the drive belt if it has been damaged.

 How to fix a lawn mower that isn't working?
How to fix a lawn mower that isn’t working?

Motor malfunction

Professional maintenance personnel will be required if none of the above methods are successful. Our Robotlawnsmower after-sales engineer will be happy to provide you with any accessories or services.

Battery Power Low (only applicable to lawn mowers powered by batteries)

Check whether the battery is in need of being charged or if it needs to be replaced.

Switch malfunction

The switch must be checked to ensure it is functioning properly. If the switch is not functioning properly, it needs to be changed.

repair rc lawn mower
repair rc lawn mower

Switch malfunction

It is essential to regularly clean the inside of the lawnmower, including the blades holder, the motor, and the other parts. You should also clean the radiator and the motor.

Select the correct method of repair and troubleshooting based on your current situation. If you still can’t solve the problem, we recommend that you contact a technician to do a further inspection and repair.

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