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Upgraded lawnmowers will be sent to Hungary

Upgraded robot lawnmowers will be sent to Hungary

This new tool is not only more durable, but it also reduces the failure rate.

These remote-controlled mowers with tracks will help you master your lawn.

Robotic rc lawn mower
Robotic rc lawn mower

main feature:

This remote-control lawnmower features a powerful drive and blade technology that allows it to efficiently cut each blade of grass, giving the lawn vitality and strength.

Easy control: With the advanced remote control technology, you can steer the mower exactly where you want it. Trimming is done with the remote while sitting comfortably.

The tracked  lawn mower with remote control has an intelligent navigational system which can detect obstacles as well as the shape of grass. It will plan its route accordingly, ensuring that every inch of the lawn is taken care of.

We know the importance of long-term product durability. Our remote control lawn mowers use durable materials and reliable components. They are also tuned to provide a long-lasting performance.

Our zero turn remote-control lawnmower is equipped with a variety of safety sensors and emergency stop buttons. It will quickly stop in case of an unplanned event.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of lawn mowing with this remote control lawnmower.

Choose a remote-controlled lawn mower and become the first person in Hungary to have a perfect lawn. Contact our sales team for more information or to reserve a lawnmower.

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