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Conservancy District saves time and money with remote-operated mower

Conservancy District saves time and money with remote-operated mower

The Miami (Ohio Conservancy District) didn’t realize the time they could save by purchasing a RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mower when they first considered buying one.

Since 1915, the MCD has been a regional government organization that is at the forefront in flood control, conservation and recreation. This was after the devastating flood of 1913 that destroyed the Miami Valley and caused many deaths and destructions. It covers 15 counties.

The MCD is home to a system consisting of five dry basins, levees and 55 miles. All that responsibility means many steep slopes and large levees. It also means a complex system of land management areas that requires a lot more detailed mowing.

Ben Casper is the manager of MCD’s operations. He said that the RC Mowers has saved them a lot of time. It takes less time to mow sensitive, steep spots, which would have taken 2-3 times longer with manual equipment. The job can be done safely, and the bike trail users will not be affected by the large equipment that has an extending arm.

Casper recalled that when they first met a member of RC Mowers’ sales team, they became intrigued by its ability to safely handle steep slopes. He explained that the majority of the land around the river corridors the district maintains is difficult to trim and cut.

He said that they had evaluated other robotic mowers, but because the RC Mowers was able to handle slopes and sit lower on the ground than others, it was a good choice for MCD.

Casper added that the remote-operated lawnmower will help them maintain difficult to reach locations. Casper explained that the MCD uses a dedicated truck and trailer to transport the mower from one site to another in the Great Miami River Watershed, so that all of the conservancy’s locations can benefit from its efficiency.

He said, “We are looking to improve the level of our service in order to better serve our community.” “We have already seen results with this mower.”

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