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RC Mowers Saves 22% in Gross Margin

RC Mowers Saves 22% in Gross Margin

Richard Robot, Araa Bro branch manager, was “life-changing”, when he first saw the RC mower with tracks s RT800 being used.

The company bought the Remote-Operated Robotic Mower about a year and a half ago, after witnessing the mower being used during a chance meeting.

We had a representative of RC lawnmower with tracks stop by our site and asked if we would be interested in doing a demonstration. Robot explained that we took up their offer and it has changed our lives. They just so happened to be with the mower and started it right there. “We were so impressed that we bought one.”

RC lawn mower with tracks
RC lawn mower with tracks


Araa Bro, a commercial landscaping company based in Miami for over 30 years, is one of Florida’s leading companies. The company offers comprehensive maintenance services, tree and nursery work, and irrigation.

Robot spent 27 years investigating accidents and injuries for large landscaping firms. He immediately recognized how the remote-operated lawn mower could reduce workplace accidents.

Araa Bro’s landscaping work includes mowing slopes and overpasses near major roads. Robot and other crew chiefs of the company used to have to place four to five people on slopes and overpasses to maintain them.

It’s already saving us 25% on gross margin. This is amazing.”

He said, “This mower is efficient enough that we could take the four or five workers out of that task and let it handle it.” This allows us to use these workers on more detailed projects or other projects. We’ve already saved 25% on gross margin. “That is fantastic!”

Robot also said that he was impressed by the RC lawnmower with tracks s’service.

He said that even though the mower is a real workhorse you have to fix it and buy spare parts from time to time because of how much use it receives. But with RC lawn mower with tracks s we get a loaner while ours is getting fixed or we get the parts so fast that we don’t have to wait long.” The outstanding customer service provided by RC lawn mower with tracks s is one of the most attractive features about bauying from them.

Robot said that the RT800 track system was one of the most advanced he has ever seen.

He said, “We can use this anywhere – near water, on thick vegetation and in ditches. It is reliable and efficient and will go anywhere we need it. It creates a safer working environment, and allows us to better utilize our employees’ abilities.

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