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French Guiana customer orders 4 remote control lawn mowers

Customer ordered four units of the remote controlled lawn mower Model R800 from our factory. The weeder can walk at a speed of 5km/h.

Robotlawnmower in French
The marketing department received a new order from French Guiana. Customer ordered five more units. The remote controlled lawn mower with tracks model R800, is the newest product manufactured by our factory.

robotlawnsmower to french
robotlawnsmower to french

This Product

This product is designed to be used in automatic weeding on slopes up to 45 degrees. The cutting blades on this lawnmower are suspended thick blades that have a greater durability and longer service life.


In order to meet the needs of our customers we use remote start and shutdown which are more convenient and one-button stop emergency which is safer. The tracked remotely controlled lawn mower has a mowing capacity of 4500m2/h and can mow up to 800mm wide. Equipment can be combined with a snow pusher for multi-purpose use and multiple locations.

Our factory also offers OEM.

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