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The Remote Control Mower will be shipped to Australia

The Remote Control Mower will be shipped to Australia

It is a all-terrain lawn remote control mower. This remote-controlled slope mower can be used to remove all types of weeds. It can mow the grass even on steep and dangerous slopes.

On-site application scenarios

The Remote-Controlled Slope Mower ordered by the client is suitable for greening orchards and hills, slopes as well as roadside, embankment, and other tasks.

This lawn mower uses thick, suspended blades instead of the usual thin blades. It is more durable and has a longer life span than other blades. The mowing width can be up to 800mm and the efficiency of mowing can reach 4,500m2/h. This weeder has a remote emergency stop button, making it safer.

Remote control zero turn mower on tracks Lawn Remote Control Mower

The spiral blade of this mower is made from boron-steel and can be adjusted to high. dense and strong mowing environment, and it is more efficient. The weeder uses crawler-type walking which is ideal for rough terrain. It also has a strong climbing ability. Customer support and purchases are influenced by good performance and service.

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