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Commercial Remote Control Mowers

Robotlawnsmower’s mowers have always featured some of the most advanced technology available. It was therefore only natural for Robotlawnsmower’s to be the company that would provide a range of truly innovative remote control commercial mowers. Robotlawnsmower redefines commercial remote-controlled mowing, with new options for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

No longer will you be concerned about mowing in dangerous, difficult-to-reach areas or those with restricted access. Robotlawnsmower’s commercial remote-control mowers are specially designed to cope with all terrains.

What commercial models of remote controlled mowers do you have in stock?

International Mowers stocks three Robotlawnsmower models;

  • Robotlawnsmower R550, a lighter, smaller and more efficient mower for fine turf.
  • The Robotlawnsmower R 800and R1000 is a standard-sized mower which builds on the R550 design with additional safeguards and features to make mowing more efficient.
  • The Robotlawnsmower R800 is a version of the R800 that has a powerful 20 horsepower motor, providing ultimate power and performance in remote control mowing

What are the features of Robotlawnsmower commercial remote controlled mowers?

Engine power

You can choose between 7.5, 8.0, 9.0 or 16 horsepower engines for your lawnmower. These engines are not only powerful, but also fuel-efficient. You will increase your work output, but at no cost to fuel.

Hydraulic Front Hood

Robotlawnsmower’s remote-control mowers are equipped with a hydraulic hood with an almost infinite level of customisation. They also have a safety system built in that alerts you when something is wrong.

Ergonomic design

Robotlawnsmower commercial remote control lawn mowers have a lower center of gravity, a greater slope capability, and dual roll bars to ensure that their work is completed with the least amount of disruption, wherever you may be.

Remote controlled

Automated mowing systems are able to perform the same tasks as traditional mowers, but without requiring human interaction. Remote controlled mowing has many benefits. These include increased safety, as the mower does not need to be operated by a person, better mowing accuracy thanks to computer calculations, reduced labour costs, since you do not need to employ someone to perform the mowing and enhanced maneuverability because the mower is smaller.

What are the benefits of Robotlawnsmower remote-controlled mowers?

Productivity Increase

Productivity can be increased significantly with a more powerful engine and a hydraulic head flotation system which is fully customizable to accommodate any mowing attachment.

Improved Safety

Robotlawnsmower’s flail head safety system has GPS autosteer and a remote control range of up to 150 meters. This allows you to ensure safety on any job.

Cost Savings

These remote-control mowers have many features that make mowing as easy and efficient as possible. They also minimise costs, such as fuel or maintenance.

What is Robotlawnsmower?

Robotlawnsmower is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and vegetation management equipment. Robotlawnsmower’s award-winning exploits include all types of mowers including their fully remote-controlled mowers. This is the culmination decades of technological innovations in the agricultural industry.

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International Mowers is the exclusive Australian distributor of Robotlawnsmower’s innovative, fully remote-controlled mowers.

We stock Robotlawnsmower’s mowers and provide all the support you need – from expertise to troubleshooting to spare parts, as well as a dealer network that is reliable.

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